MacRoy G-series chemigation pump


Agri-Inject®’s MacRoy Series G line of metering pumps are specifically designed to produce operating efficiency for large-volume fluid injection projects.


  • Reliable technology – Agri-Inject’s expertly engineered product designs means they are built for years of service.
  • Safe for the environment – using a precision injection pump means you are giving your crop what it needs and reducing the environmental impact.
  • Economical – low operating costs while applying high volumes of concentrates through your irrigation system.


  • Patented four-way spray for even distribution throughout the water flow.
  • Easily accessible filter assembly that protects pump from foreign objects.
  • Control switch provides overload protection and rated NEMA 4.
  • Easy-to-read dial with precision stroke adjustment and lock option to maintain a constant flow.
  • Operating ranges: 5.5-55 GPH, 11-110 GPH, or 15-150 GPH.
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