Field Commander


The industry-leading Valley® Field Commander®  incorporates patented GPS technology to remotely monitor and control irrigation systems on the Valley 365™ platform. It works on any web-connected smartphone, tablet or PC, and provides real-time information and up-to-the-minute alarms via email or SMS message.


  • Save time and money – Turn any smartphone, tablet or PC into a virtual control panel that can monitor and control irrigation machines from anywhere in the world.
  • Economical – Provides the functionality of a digital panel while still working with any brand of pivot or linear (lateral).
  • Flexibility – Manages a mixed fleet of hydraulic and electric irrigation machines, bringing them into a single web dashboard.
  • Protect your investment – Cable theft monitoring and crash zone/overlap alerts.
  • Multiple programming options – Numerous timed start and timed stop commands; single or dual stop-in-slot; machine speed by choice of Percent Timer, Pivot Angle, Application Rate, Hours per Revolution, or Hours to Stop Angle; and more.
  • Makes record keeping easier – Comprehensive management and irrigation reporting.


  • Works on any brand of center pivot irrigator or linear.
  • Lower cost options such as Field Commander Lite and Field Commander View.
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